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Welcome to Foodplus, where we transform exceptional food ​products into captivating stories that resonate with you. We ​believe the world is full of abundant, high-quality food choices, ​and our mission is to give each product a voice. By providing ​insightful and emotionally engaging narratives, we highlight ​the purpose and value of our offerings. Our stories create a ​sense of curiosity and connection, showing how each food ​product is the perfect solution to your needs.

At Foodplus, we know that a great story sets a product apart. ​We repackage our food products with unique and compelling ​tales, ensuring they stand out and leave a lasting impression. ​Join us in experiencing the abundance of great food brought ​to life through the power of storytelling. Welcome to ​Foodplus, where every bite has a story.

Our Work

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Our Framework

How we build a story

Minimal Modern Contour Buildable Circles

1.Purpose →The one thing you want your customer to feel or do after hearing your story​

2.Insight →The surprising discovery that ​highlights your food. The key insight that​ makes people say 'aha!' and shows the​ main point or challenge​

3.Tension →What are the consequences ​if we don't reach the goal?

4.Resolution →A clear vision of how the ​world will be if people follow your lead.

5.Hook →A touch of drama that breaks ​your audience's routine and captures their ​attention, even if only for a moment